FETC: Generic Management Level 5 – Module 4

Lesson 1 - Negotiations Lesson 2 - Project Management Lesson 3 - Risk Management Lesson 4 - Knowledge Management


Negotiation is a process centered on a discussion that is intended to produce an agreement. In its simplest form, it could be considered to be about power. More than just about money, it involves issues of ego, leveraging, saving face, and being right. It can appear that the negotiator or team with the most power will triumph over a weaker team or win something important.

In current business practices, however, negotiation often leads to compromise, where both sides make concessions to get as close as they can to exactly what they want. At other times, no concessions are available and a power struggle can go on for a long time. When negotiation is not effective, there are other options, such as bringing in a mediator, which can help both sides speak to one another and move towards a resolution instead of walking away and resolving nothing.

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